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Professionally Managed 401k Plans

Retirement Plan PRO is a turn-key 401k solution for companies that currently offer or want to offer a professionally managed retirement plan for their employees. We work with all of the major 401k providers, including Fidelity, Vanguard, TD Ameritrade and more to design the right plan for the unique needs of each company. We provide the resources, tools and education for plan sponsors and employees with easy administration and low-cost investment options. Here are a few of the benefits of our 401k PRO service.


Fiduciary Support

We help plan sponsors understand and work within the guidelines of ERISA (Employee Retirement Income Security Act) and the DOL (Department of Labor) regulations. Our Fiduciary support includes:

  • Benchmarking fees.

  • Offering suitable and low cost investments.

  • Meeting the reporting and disclosure requirements.

  • ...and much more.



In addition to offing fiduciary services, we also include compliance support to plan administrators. This can be a valuable partnership as we help navigate through form 5500, annual deadlines and all of the details that keeps 401k plans in full compliance of federal laws. Following ERISA law and fiduciary compliance is a daunting task for any plan administrator. Our record keepers and retirement plan specialists brig a team approach to compliance, which gives peace of mind to company owners.


Retirement Planning

Choosing investments is one thing, while planning for retirement is a completely different and more challenging process. Our retirement team will help each employee build a retirement plan the fits their needs, time horizon and risk tolerance. This is the same retirement planning process that we offer individual clients of our firm. Your employees will appreciate this level of planning.


Employee Education

Employees often need help in understanding the plan, how to enroll, make contributions and choose investments. We help to bridge the gap between HR departments and the plan provider by offering on-site educational seminars, in-person appointments and phone support to participants of the plan. We will also custom tailor investment recommendations for each unique situation and our PRO Portfolios are available to participants in the plan.


Investment Choice

Offering a 401k plan with the right mix of investments is the key to helping employees invest for retirement. Our plan providers offer thousands of mutual funds, ETFs, index funds and individual stocks. We'll work with you to customize the right investment lineup for your plan.

Our team helps plan administrators design an investment menu that's easy to understand and navigate so participants can invest wisely and efficiently.


Tax Benefits

The tax benefits of a retirement plan can be immense. We help plan sponsors and participants maximize the tax benefits of offering and participating in the plan. Tax planning is often overlooked but can be one of the most important aspects of a retirement plan. Our team will help you identify tax efficiencies through tax-free accounts, employer contributions and more.

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