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Stock PRO is our flagship investment portfolio. Based on the philosophy of being an active participant in the market, the portfolio is ever changing. Holdings include 20+ individual stocks in different sectors, from technology to real estate to healthcare. The amazing thing about Stock PRO is that it can be customized based on the preferences of our clients so there might not be 2 Stock PRO portfolios that look the same.


The idea of Stock PRO came into existence when multiple clients wanted to buy the same stock but each wanted different amounts of it. One person wanted it because of a buy alert for a short-term gain. Another wanted it has a long-term holding while another wanted it for dividend income. This was the spark that lit the Stock PRO fire. While each of us might want the same investment (or not), we likely want it for different reasons and for different time horizons. Thus, the idea of a customizable Stock PRO account was born.

Performance is always one of the first questions that we are asked about Stock PRO. Because each portfolio is slightly or very different, there is no single metric we can offer. The best approach might be to look up a common, large cap stock like Apple on a finance website like Morningstar. In the trailing returns section, you'll see that Apple stock has a 15-year annualized return history of around 24%. An important question every investor needs to ask is what weighting a stock should have in their portfolio. Those that had Apple heavily weighted over the past few years are very, very happy. Whereas, an investor who had a low weighting or didn't have the stock at all wouldn't have enjoyed the long-term upside. There are 2 question Stock PRO will help clients answer:

1. What stock to buy, hold or sell.

2. What is the appropriate weighting for each stock in the portfolio.


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