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More Investment Choice Is Better

We help our clients build a portfolio of investments that fit their needs, interests and goals by offering thousands of investment choices through Charles Schwab and Interactive Brokers. Our open architecture platform includes mutual funds, index funds, stocks, target date funds, options, bonds, preferred stock, IPOs and treasury securities.  These investments are the building blocks of a retirement plan portfolio. Our managed portfolios offer investors a turn-key solution that includes part or all of the investments below based on individual preferences, risk tolerance and life stage.

Catching Speed

Individual Stocks

Capital Appreciation | Dividends

Stocks give investors the opportunity to be a part owner in a public company. Investors who own shares of stock can be rewarded from capital appreciation and dividend income. Owning part of a well-known company is the most timeless and long-lasting type of investing.

Risk Tolerance



Target Date

Autopilot Retirement Fund

A target date fund matches your approximate retirement date with an appropriate risk tolerance. The younger you are, the more aggressive the fund is and the closer you get to retirement, the more conservative it gets. This fund is the auto-pilot of retirement investments. 

Risk Tolerance

Low to high

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Preferred Stock | High Income

Preferred stock is a combination of common stock and bonds issued by a company. The main advantage of preferred stock is they generally offer a higher dividend yield than common stock and the payment can be more consistent as well. We offer newly issued and secondary preferred stock with very attractive yields and ratings.

Risk Tolerance


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Index Funds (ETFs)

Low Cost | Tax Efficient

Index funds or ETFs are a basket of stocks with varying goals, styles and sectors. Index funds hold every stock in an index, like the S&P 500 or the Dow Jones Industrial Average. We offer hundreds of index funds and over 300 are commission-free. Invest in low-cost and tax-efficient funds.

Risk Tolerance



Mutual Funds

Diversified | Actively Managed

Mutual funds are diversified investments, actively managed by professional fund managers. These investments give investors a one-stop-shop for investing in the stock market. We offer access to hundreds of mutual funds.

Risk Tolerance




Initial Public Offering | Launch

Get in on the ground floor of a new public company by investing in IPOs. Investors who meet certain criteria can invest in a regular suite of IPOs that are offered throughout the year. If investors are tired of missing out on opportunities and waiting for investments to appreciate, IPOs may be a good addition to a portfolio. Certain minimums apply.

Risk Tolerance




Growth | Income | Protection

Options give investors flexibility to generate income, protect gains or speculate for growth. Options can add depth to a portfolio although options are not right for every investor. Proper approval is necessary. Download the risks and characteristics of options here.

Risk Tolerance

Moderately High

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Corporate | Municipal | Treasury

Bonds give investors a consistent income stream through interest payments. Corporate bonds will generally offer a higher yield, municipal bonds offer tax-free interest and treasury bonds are known as risk-free investments. Most portfolios will have a place for bonds.

Risk Tolerance


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Bills | Notes | Bonds

U.S. Treasury investments offer a virtual risk-free type of investment, backed by the U.S. government and treasury department. Yields are lower than other types of fixed income investments, but for the conservative investor, there is not a better choice for low-risk, consistent payments of interest. When market risk is high, treasuries offer a low-risk alternative.

Risk Tolerance


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