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PRO Accounts

Actively Managed Portfolios

A Note About Our PRO Accounts

Our PRO Accounts are professionally managed portfolios, offered exclusively by Brockman Capital Management, LLC. Each portfolio offers a specific investing style and objective. Our clients can choose the best fit for their core investing style and retirement goals, or choose a combination of all. We build and manage these portfolios in-house and they are not available anywhere else.

Basecamp Camp 2 Portfolio

Index PRO™

An Active Index Fund Portfolio

Index PRO™ is a complete portfolio of index funds that are poised to outperform the S&P500. Funds are chosen based on exposure to a specific idea: innovative technology, all-market, growth/value sectors or budding industries. Investors who prefer to own a diversified group of stocks in a basket, rather than individual names will like the active and tactical nature of the account. Holdings are rebalanced as economic and business trends emerge.

Basecamp Camp 3 Portfolio

Stock PRO™

An active stock portfolio

Stock PRO™ is a complete portfolio of individual stocks that are chosen based on both fundamental and technical analysis, in a broad range of sectors. Stocks that demonstrate high growth potential and priced at a good value give this portfolio a focused composition of market leaders. Stock PRO fits an investor who enjoys owning individual stocks and prefers a portfolio to be actively managed with the goal of higher growth. Holdings are rebalanced as market conditions change.

Basecamp Camp 4 Portfolio

Options Pro™

An active options portfolio

Options PRO™ is a complete portfolio of options that seek high growth from a variety of strategies, including calls, puts, LEAPS, credit and debit spreads, iron condors, calendar and diagonal spreads, and others. Due to the high volatility of options, they are not right for every investor. There is a monthly subscription fee to participate in the options portfolio and other minimums and approvals are required.

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