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Brockman Capital Management, LLC is a registered investment advisory firm. We offer a variety of financial services, including investment management, SMA strategies, trade alerts and retirement planning. Our philosophy of active management combined with powerful tools and research capabilities sets our firm apart from passive investment managers. If you prefer investments to be actively managed and want to stay current on news and events that affect your portfolio, learn more below about each service.


We offer investments in equities, fixed income and select alternative investments. For standard accounts, we offer model portfolios to meet the unique risk tolerance and time horizon of individual clients. Proper asset allocation is a key part of any investment plan and our model portfolios are built to protect and grow our clients' wealth. Our PRO Accounts offer 4 types of SMA strategies for the active investor. These accounts offer a specific investing style in Stocks, Index Funds, Options and IPOs/Growth Stocks. You can learn more about these managed accounts here.



Our subscriptions service allows investors who manage their own account to follow our SMA strategies. Subscriptions send out trade alerts and more and are available for Index PRO, Stock PRO, Options PRO and Mashups. Many investors like to stay up to date with market news and events, but find the vast amount of information out there can be overwhelming. Our trade alerts break down the most important info into actionable trades, where real money is being put to work.


We offer help and insight into financial, retirement and estate planning. Estate planning is an important part of every financial plan. Many people put off estate planning because they think they don’t own enough, they’re not old, or are too busy and will do it later. If you don’t have a plan, your state has one for you, but you probably won’t like it. Planning your estate with our advisors will help you organize your records, classify assets and designate beneficiaries. The best benefit is peace of mind and our estate and tax strategies will help you build a plan for a time in your life when you'll need it most.


Retirement plans are unique to every individual, small business or large company. Our Chartered Retirement Plans Specialist will help you map out the right retirement plan for your situation. This could include an IRA, ROTH IRA or a specific retirement account for a small business like a SIMPLE or SEP IRA. For large companies, a 401k could be the right fit. For a free retirement consultation, see the plans below.


Mastery Courses

Build your ideal retirement portfolio, learn how to grow a small account or build your options trading skills in one of our live mastery courses. There's no better investment you can make. Learn new skills that you can use for a lifetime.


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