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Our market philosophy and investing methods are like none other. Why passively hold thousands of stocks you've never heard of in a high cost mutual fund when you can actively invest in the best companies in the world? The trend following system we developed for stocks, index funds and options (with buy and sell signals) is one-of-a-kind and we built it for you. Experience the difference of working with a PRO to achieve your financial goals. Follow our latest market updates here.

What We Do

Brockman Capital Management, LLC is a registered investment advisory firm. We offer a variety of financial services, including investment management, model portfolios, trade alerts and retirement planning. Our philosophy of active management combined with powerful tools and research capabilities sets our firm apart from passive investment managers. If you prefer investments to be actively managed and want to stay current on news and events that affect your portfolio, our firm could be a great fit.


We offer two types of managed investment accounts - a Standard Account and a PRO Account and each has distinct characteristics.


Standard Account includes a customized portfolio built exclusively for individual clients based on risk tolerance, time horizon, income/liquidity needs and overall financial goals. With proper asset allocation and quarterly rebalancing, standard accounts offer the advantages of customization and focused investments. Standard accounts can hold any combination of  blue chip stocks, index funds, dividend payers, preferred stock, cryptocurrencies, low risk treasury bonds and much more from our thousands of investment options and open architecture. There's no limit to how clients can customize a standard account with the help of our experienced team. Cost: 1.25% annually of assets under management.


PRO Account is a turn-key portfolio that is actively managed on a daily basis and has a specific investing style. Stock PRO is a portfolio of 20 -30 individual stocks that are proven market leaders, bought and sold based on our proprietary buy/sell signals. Index PRO is an actively managed portfolio of 10 - 15 index funds/ETFs that are in confirmed growth sectors of the economy. Index positions are updated often based on our proprietary volume indicators that signal where money is flowing. Options PRO is an actively traded options portfolio that holds up to 30 positions for both growth and income and trades all types of options, including stock options, ETF options and index options and includes trades on a daily basis.. Cost: 1.75% annually of assets under management.


Learn more about these PRO Accounts here.



Our subscriptions service allows investors who manage their own investments to follow our PRO account trades in real-time via text, email and in our one-of-a-kind Trading Rooms. Subscriptions are available for Stock PRO, Index PRO, Options PRO and now, Mashups and Moonshots. Most investors like to stay up to date with market news and events, but find the vast amount of information out there can be overwhelming. Our trade alerts subscriptions break down the most important info with actionable trades. There's really nothing like this service anywhere.


Clients of the firm are offered guidance and insight into financial, retirement and estate planning with no additional fees or hourly costs. Estate planning is an important part of every financial plan. Many people put off estate planning because they think they don’t own enough, they’re not old, or are too busy and will do it later. We like to say, "if you don’t have a plan, your state has one for you, but you probably won’t like it." Planning your estate with our advisors will help you organize your records, classify assets and designate beneficiaries. The best benefit is peace of mind and our estate and tax strategies will help you build a plan for a time in your life when you'll need it most.


Retirement plans are unique to every individual, small business or large company. Our Chartered Retirement Plans Specialist will help you map out the right retirement plan for your situation. This could include an IRA, ROTH IRA or a specific retirement account for a small business like a SIMPLE or SEP IRA. For large companies, a 401k could be the right fit. For a free retirement consultation, simply contact us.

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Learn more about our Standard and PRO accounts, subscriptions or get a retirement plan consultation by booking a free appointment. There's absolutely no cost to getting a snapshot and roadmap of what our firm has to offer. We could be a great fit and be able to optimize your financial goals.